This is a selection of pages from the Manabe-Ow Business Park Specific Plan which I assisted in preparing for the City of Watsonville, California, when I was with RBF Consulting.

The Specific Plan addresses the use and development of a 95-acre site to include the future development of a commercial business park, a small retail center, and a workforce housing community.  The project site encompasses a portion of the FEMA 100-year floodplain, portions of the Watsonville Slough, and wetland areas.  A major challenge for this project was to create a community that could exist in harmony within itself and with the existing surrounding environment.  The pages attached include parts of Section 3 (Development Plan).  This section addresses the major features of development and includes development standards, design guidelines, permitted uses, and build-out scenarios.

For this project I prepared the analysis, graphics, maps and document layout with oversight by my manager.  For more information, see project website:

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